Our Flagship Services
We offer our clients advisory and facilitation services in the areas of:
Institutional Development Management
i. Establishing new Institutions
ii. Reviewing Institutional Governance Architecture
iii. Developing and strengthening Institutional Driving Policy and Strategy
iv. Reinforcing Compliance with adopted Operational Procedures
v. Dealing with Constitutional and Legal Matters
vi. Safeguarding Institutional Integrity and Fighting Corruption
vii. Bolstering Institutional Quality Assurance
viii. Enhancing Institutional Risk Management
ix. Improving Corporate Public Perception

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)
i. Staff Appointment, Promotion, Discipline and Welfare
ii. Comprehensive HR Audit and Compensation Administration
iii. Training for Improving HR Capacities and Capabilities
iv. Staff Performance and Reward Management
v. Change and Crisis Management
vi. Gender Mainstreaming Management
vii. Procurement Management
viii. ICT Applications for SHRM
ix. Management of Succession and Mentoring Planning
x. Planning Gainful Opportunities in Retirement

Project Management
i. Planning, Design, Development, and Commissioning of Projects
ii. Public-Private Partnership(s)
iii. Sound Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E): Processes, Outcomes, and Impacts
iv. Facility Management and Consultancy.
v. Turn-key Projects and Build, Operate and Transfer
Public Sector Reform Management
i. Baseline Analysis for Introducing Required Reform(s)
ii. Tracking and Strengthening the Reform Implementation Process
iii. Reform Impact Assessment (RIA) and Feedback

Management of Finance, Accounting and Investments Services
i. Efficiency and transparency in Collection of Revenue
ii. Cost Consciousness in Public/Private Expenditures
iii. Compliance with applicable Audit and Accounting Practices and Standards
iv. Training and Capacity Building for Public/Private Financial Institutions
v. Pensions Administration and Management, Consultancy and Training for Staff Retiring on Life After Service.
vi. Taxation Reform Strategies and Management
vii. Budget Planning, Review and Implementation

Management of Communications, Logistics and Transportation Services
i. Telephony and Allied Communications
ii. Maritime Cabotage, Ports Administration and Inland Waterways
iii. Roads, Land and Railways transportation
iv. Aviation, Airport Consultancy and Management of Airlines and Staffing
v. Training and Capacity building in the Sub-Sectors
vi. ICT Services, Development of Specialised Software and Website Development and Administration

Management of Engineering and Technology Services
i. Chemical Engineering Consultancy
ii. Civil Engineering Consultancy
iii. Electrical Engineering Consultancy
iv. Electrical and Electronic Engineering Consultancy
v. Mechanical Engineering Consultancy
vi. Structural Engineering Consultancy
vii. Land Acquisition and Development of Housing Estates
viii. Mining, Cadastral Surveys and Geographical Information Systems.

Other Advisory and Facilitation Services
i. Consultancy on Legal Matters and Enactment of Laws by the National and State Assemblies
ii. Inter-Governmental Relations between Federal, State and Local Governments
iii. Licensing and Establishment of Tertiary Educational Colleges
iv. Licensing and Establishment of Health Facilities
v. Management of Agriculture, Fisheries and Natural Resources
vi. Hospitality, Tourism and Hotel Administration